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STICKY: New account requests   05/25/18  (211)
White boomer thinks a 32 ACT is "auto admit full ride" at UCLA    05/25/18  (10)
3 AM email from HR. Subj: Your Hairline    05/25/18  (2)
AutoAdmit Ruined My Life (link)    05/25/18  (5)
my dad has diabetes. he is 52. how long does he have to live?    05/25/18  (3)
All cash Chinese buyers angling for the entire Yale 2019 incoming spots    05/25/18  (1)
Hooking up w app chicks you dont care about while sober is a painful experience    05/25/18  (7)
Daily Stoic, 5/25/18    05/25/18  (3)
guys, EJMR has no fucking idea who this person is    05/25/18  (90)
Eddie Murphy: Raw is such greatness    05/25/18  (3)
Why is Michigan the preppiest public university?    05/25/18  (5)
Explain boomers who brag about their 35-40 year old "children"    05/25/18  (14)
Lmfao at how Daryl Morey exposed Steph Curry as a fraud    05/25/18  (12)
why do Asians still come here?    05/25/18  (1)
You know what, fuck belts. I'm tired of the belt fraud    05/25/18  (1)
Explain boomers who brag about their 35-40 "children"    05/25/18  (2)
So basically: men, take initiative w/ women, just risk losing entire life over i    05/25/18  (10)
53 192 lbs    05/25/18  (2)
How do i lose my midsection stomach fat    05/25/18  (66)
Fat, Thin or Healthy?    05/25/18  (1)
Rate the bios of the 3 women who led the JIT MH-17 investigation against Russia    05/25/18  (1)
   05/25/18  (1)
Trump blocking people on Twitter ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL    05/25/18  (100)
Rate this conversation I overheard b/w boomers    05/25/18  (1)
white women are literally saying: 'we don't care about survival of race/West'    05/25/18  (35)
Getting unemployment after being fired is a nice FUCK YOU to employer    05/25/18  (9)
RATE Bobby Flay's daughter    05/25/18  (3)
Low trust society where 20% of ivy league students are "disabled" (aka legal che    05/25/18  (14)
Cut all ties with my brother 3 months ago and have never felt better    05/25/18  (21)
Danish Butter Cookies: Let's bash this TTT    05/25/18  (55)
Why is Jersey City still mostly shit?    05/25/18  (9)
lebron has an atrocious Game 5. jinx running insane damage control    05/25/18  (10)
most people would rather call the cops than be momentarily uncomfortable    05/25/18  (3)
I miss freddie    05/25/18  (32)
CaptttainFalcon would be a 180 older brother    05/25/18  (2)
RATE these pictures from a Florida Supreme Court opinion    05/25/18  (27)
Would be great if Trump won & libs got so mad they ousted Matt Lauer in response    05/25/18  (229)
next celeb sexual assaulter of the week? shit idk maybe Morgan Freeman?    05/25/18  (15)
"spin ratfucks" I shouted during Nutcracker act 1    05/25/18  (96)
maddox lost the lolsuit    05/25/18  (1)
real men don't waste time & energy chasing tinder pussy    05/25/18  (3)
it's really funny how midwestern women envision being "hot" it's so prole    05/25/18  (7)
I'm gonna call you calendar. Because your days are numbered !    05/25/18  (1)
jameson stout edition is pretty 180    05/25/18  (1)
will Stephen Curry >>>> Reggie Miller?    05/25/18  (51)
Just made creme brulee    05/25/18  (2)
How often do you clip your toenails    05/25/18  (3)
Russian cheerleaders    05/25/18  (2)
check out this kid who showed up to USMC boot camp (pic)    05/25/18  (37)
wish i could freeze time and then take womens clothes off    05/25/18  (19)
Just heard gun shots from my apartment not flame    05/25/18  (6)
Arvydas Sabonis: let's bash this TTT    05/25/18  (3)
Trump: I called MS-13 animals. And guess what? I always will.    05/25/18  (28)
Drunkard's voice rising as he recites catline oration to Dechert management    05/25/18  (3)
Just popped a zit on my inner thigh and there was a tooth inside    05/25/18  (55)
Been doing a lot of metal work and welding    05/25/18  (7)
High school girls with squishy soft teeth    05/25/18  (3)
just pressed on soft tooth and liquid squished out    05/25/18  (35)
Roommate flossing his soft tooth. Sounds like he's stirring mac and cheese    05/25/18  (31)
How can they love little Timmy, wondered the poaster, if his IQ regresses to the    05/25/18  (4)
xo Lenny Dykstra arrested for putting weapon to Uber driver's head    05/25/18  (2)
Wow - look how fucking old early voters in California are    05/25/18  (1)
Why is Trump so panicked? Secretly meeting w/ cucks. Kushner clearance fraud    05/25/18  (2)
Cleveland-Boston Ref Will Be Tony Brothers    05/25/18  (1)
Reminder: Jimmer Fredette is as good as Curry but NBA ratfaces said "nope whitey    05/25/18  (29)
" l m a o " he typed mirthlessly, as the nurse tightened the straps    05/25/18  (32)
Describe life in Duluth, Minnesota    05/25/18  (14)
has anyone here authored a successful ebook?    05/25/18  (1)
"are you some kind of nut?"    05/25/18  (1)
LMAO    05/25/18  (2)
If BoA sucks, then what banks DONT SUCK?    05/25/18  (11)
Pompeo: "Trump is Russia's useful idiot"    05/25/18  (5)
so glad i ghosted all my loser trash friends in hs    05/25/18  (2)
32 gallon trash bucket full of shit. piss, cum, vomit etc..about to dump it    05/25/18  (130)
All you need is to shack up as a big law couple start at 320k its not bad    05/25/18  (4)
ITT:Biggest case of someone you know tossing their life away    05/25/18  (31)
I like some of his stuff but Donald Glover is a massively overrated dilettante    05/25/18  (15)
never be employed by any entity that has a 'human resources' department    05/25/18  (1)
Final five gymnasts play human hungry hungry hippos with childish gambino    05/25/18  (11)
'Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed    05/25/18  (48)
evan39 $eattle$ Mu$$el$ te$t po$itive for opioid$    05/25/18  (6)
Mostly all the info online is false and a how especially real estate prices    05/25/18  (2)
Libs: "more kids killed than troops in 2018" John Bolton: "On it!"    05/25/18  (7)
Can US dollar be traded for Vietnam dong?    05/25/18  (18)
high school girls with firm healthy pets    05/25/18  (2)
High school girls with soft diseased tits    05/25/18  (8)
You can have it all and there are actual geniuses here    05/25/18  (4)
Miss Nebraska is the New Miss USA winner! Rate her itt    05/25/18  (11)
Reminder you can make MFH money In are country low col    05/25/18  (6)
Jay Carney - - > Amazon. Robert Gibbs - - > McDonalds. Obama - - > Netflix    05/25/18  (1)
High school girls with firm asses dancing to What is Love    05/25/18  (24)
You can make easy 6 figures and even millions in low col are country    05/25/18  (3)
Reminder in what you call are country there easy low stress 6 figure jobs lowCOL    05/25/18  (2)
Trump pardons Boxer Jack Johnson    05/25/18  (2)
40 is just starting life you tards Buffett is 90 and balling    05/25/18  (11)
Mexico it is! Can you do math?    05/25/18  (8)
Lenny Dykstra sentenced to 3 years in Calif. prison    05/25/18  (13)
Well I moved back to Minnesota    05/25/18  (37)
Elon Musk's war against sanctimonious journalists is 180    05/25/18  (11)
Rate this Kappa Delta's tweet that has libs FUMING    05/25/18  (84)
Russian high school girls with firm healthy tits.    05/25/18  (7)
everyone on xo is either from MFH; a Jew from OH; or from Minnesota    05/25/18  (3)
High school girls with firm healthy tits    05/25/18  (583)
Auschwitz pop quiz time: in what part of camp was Elie Wiesel when liberated?    05/25/18  (24)
a fat fucking nigger, a mcdouble over both nipples, luring you into a dumpster    05/25/18  (2)
"The good thing is that there are no gays here..."    05/25/18  (1)
HYPO: You become famous. Would any women in your past accuse you of sexual    05/25/18  (29)
FUCKING SICK of daycares that are swarming with immigrants.    05/25/18  (13)
Leftist Mexican candidate calls moderate candidte "Richie Rich", hilarity ensues    05/25/18  (12)
Is unconditional love an ideal unique to Western Euro cultures?    05/25/18  (11)
fat fucking niggers sweeping up dust with their slack jaws    05/25/18  (1)
between Kristen Wiig and Amy Schumer, I never stop laughing    05/25/18  (18)
Jonah is by far the best character on Veep    05/25/18  (2)
fat fucking niggers diving headfirst into KFC buckets of grease    05/25/18  (1)
Lol imagine going back in time, buying crypto, but the timeline changed    05/25/18  (3)
fat fucking niggers fucking fats in zoo cages    05/25/18  (1)
San Fran is a terrible city. Lol @ anyone living here    05/25/18  (45)
fat fucking niggers shitting on the ceiling    05/25/18  (1)
zuck is basically disliked because he has an aspie jewey sense to him    05/25/18  (2)
How many of these FBI Special Agent Riddles can you solve (vid)?    05/25/18  (1)
king dui lawyer in duluth married to a female prof at UMD in english    05/25/18  (2)
nonwhites gloating to whites 'your grandchildren WILL be brown' = not racist    05/25/18  (36)
Everybody Dance Now    05/25/18  (2)
WaPo: No, we wont discuss things like reasonable adults (link)    05/25/18  (18)
Where to live in LA    05/25/18  (88)
Boom, what if YOU are a fraud?    05/25/18  (7)
*** OFFICIAL - VOTE FOR BEST MEME SO FAR IN 2018 ***    05/25/18  (21)
S/O: What crimes would you turn a family member in for?    05/25/18  (31)
Big day for libs in 4 acts.    05/25/18  (1)
Just went to Jack's and ordered a large seasoned curly fries + orange soda    05/25/18  (1)
More Elon Musk SHITTING on journalists (link)    05/25/18  (25)
remember the naturally tan, blonde, 34DD minneapolis girl shtick people ran?    05/25/18  (1)
Why do people choose to reside in Connecticut?    05/25/18  (2)
jfc DTP can you please kill yourself already you psychotic chink freakshow    05/25/18  (1)
Board sort of Deistic: Rach set it in motion but is not involved in its affairs    05/25/18  (1)
top meme in 2018 on xo: spin rat fuck    05/25/18  (11)
America wouldn't be America without the Mexicans    05/25/18  (1)
RIP Paulie Porsche - someone tried to blow up an Indian restaurant:    05/25/18  (1)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    05/25/18  (110)
Kid Rock - Bawitdaba - Woodstock 99 East Stage    05/25/18  (1)
Honey, why aren't you ranting about Jews online tonight? Is something wrong?    05/25/18  (2)
female Ragnus grabbing both my buttcheeks and giggling after sex (DTP)    05/25/18  (5)
Chevy Chase got pwned hard by Howard Stern and never bounced back    05/25/18  (5)
Want to apologize into bosom of female Ragnus for my avoidant behavior (DTP)    05/25/18  (4)
Want my heart to palpitate at girly feminine voice of a female Ragnus (DTP)    05/25/18  (5)
Want to be lit up in dark movie theater by beaming smile of female Ragnus (DTP)    05/25/18  (6)
Want a fat slob female Ragnus to hit on me w/ childlike cheer + 0 awareness (DTP    05/25/18  (5)
Want to be grabbed in the butt mirthfully by meaty hands of female Ragnus (DTP)    05/25/18  (5)
Want to reprimand female Ragnus for emotional outburst, but secretly marvel (DTP    05/25/18  (5)

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