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lobsters scream in pain when you boil them alive    11/20/17  (2)
"We know you're busy, it's okay. Next Thanksgiving!" sobbed your 67 year old mom    11/20/17  (1)
Racist cop arrested me last night.    11/20/17  (45)
Why would anyone still fall for GC striving at the tail end of 2017?    11/20/17  (4)
Pull down thy vanity. Thou art a beaten dog    11/20/17  (1)
Caught a tinder gremlin sniffing my boxers yesterday    11/20/17  (2)
"there it is" whispered watchmen as the Cyberdemon with a 18"' dick materialized    11/20/17  (8)
You should be required to re-read Ecclesiastes before making a politics OP    11/20/17  (9)
is paying the obamacare penalty more affordable than paying for insurance?    11/20/17  (10)
Flesh eating bacteria discovered in rain water    11/20/17  (1)
FBI and DOJ did NOT verify Trump Dossier before Requesting FISA Spy Warrant    11/20/17  (12)
Who's dumber Julia or rockapotamus?    11/20/17  (2)
"lmao 180000" giggled the undetected metastatic tumor in your chest    11/20/17  (5)
i really, really fucking hate indian people    11/20/17  (18)
Fiends sister was fine 1 day. Next day had trouble speaking. 3 months later dead    11/20/17  (1)
I'm going back to live at home at 35 to get a STEM My Masters    11/20/17  (25)
I don't like smuckers (tell me why) I don't like smuckers. I wanna shooooooot th    11/20/17  (8)
Ozzy Osbourne going off the rails on a Crazy Train TO HELL    11/20/17  (1)
hey, where's whomjustjoined?    11/20/17  (9)
"the dance is fun, sure, but the real depth is in macarena's lyrics" -earl    11/20/17  (3)
Easiest way to get ahead in life: drink lots of ENERGY DRINKS    11/20/17  (2)
Counting Crows - Douton Begins    11/20/17  (2)
in the 6th grade there was an Indian boy named Vishnu and he smelled like shit    11/20/17  (8)
I got dinged from 5 entry-level positions. LJL at my life (pic)    11/20/17  (44)
*shamelessly throws my panties at mpa*    11/20/17  (68)
Eduardo Saverin is such a punkass bitch for moving to Singapore to dodge taxes    11/20/17  (26)
earl SPRINTING to Sam Goody to cop Marcy Playground album in 1999    11/20/17  (3)
4. Del Amitri - Roll to Me, 5. Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight (earl)    11/20/17  (2)
We've got a lot of Counting Crows fans here MAF about earl's One Headlight pick    11/20/17  (7)
ITT we discuss the best songs of the 90s    11/20/17  (12)
2morrow we can run thru Cleary's halls,Ignore the partners calls    11/20/17  (25)
Looking at the lyrics, I can understand why Asian poasters hate One Headlight    11/20/17  (5)
Libs honestly are traitors. Why do you people hate the nation that built you?    11/20/17  (4)
"Aw not cool.This isn't chill" cried Mark McGrath when he SAW. THAT. EARL. TOP3.    11/20/17  (3)
Indian people are the biggest GC slaves    11/20/17  (3)
DESCRIBE what the teen girls in this pic are thinking    11/20/17  (20)
Libs refusing to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Trump-voting relatives    11/20/17  (4)
Grand strategy. 200 grand debt. Grand slam breakfast.    11/20/17  (4)
Yes they're sharing a meme they call diaper thread    11/20/17  (16)
I miss peterman    11/20/17  (7)
Counting Cocks - Assombo and Everything After    11/20/17  (2)
dun dun dun nu na BILLING IN THE NAME OF    11/20/17  (111)
Counting Cocks - Pound Here    11/20/17  (1)
Reuters: literally every Trump building overseas was used to launder Russian $$$    11/20/17  (34)
Funny reaction of women after touching boner    11/20/17  (21)
What ever happened with the Trumptard yearbook handwriting analysis?    11/20/17  (1)
Went to check out a Jewish school, there were like 20 Indian kids    11/20/17  (1)
List of notable Cravath, Swaine & Moore employees    11/20/17  (7)
Trump likes elephants now (link)    11/20/17  (1)
jesus trump made such a mistake bailing out those ucla dudes    11/20/17  (1)
Indians are so smelly lmao    11/20/17  (1)
Adrenaline RUSH as you click send on vacation request email to partner    11/20/17  (2)
we should leave all the poor indian and azn dudes ALONE    11/20/17  (1)
*stupid person posts stupid shit for years* xo: "haha what a brilliant schtick"    11/20/17  (9)
ragnus do you want to be friends?    11/20/17  (7)
As a feminist it is troubling to me that women are so terrible at everything    11/20/17  (3)
the Official tedcruz back 2 mexico watch thread    11/20/17  (4)
WTF is XO's beef with One Headlight    11/20/17  (12)
Indian man hates his own race    11/20/17  (1)
Charles Manson is dead    11/20/17  (4)
Do women like Asian or Indian men?    11/20/17  (6)
@liangweihan4    11/20/17  (10)
BAM: slavery is legal and you inherit a field buck, what do you have him do?    11/20/17  (29)
NYT: The Anxiety of Having Multi-Multi Millions of Dollars in Personal Wealth    11/20/17  (8)
Pro tip read Ecclesiastes every few months even if not religious/Christmo    11/20/17  (10)
remember when are reptile claimed that he argued before goresuch    11/20/17  (16)
i really want to work for government and chill all day    11/20/17  (1)
Father texts me "good night" every single night. How should I feel?    11/20/17  (42)
No hobbies. Tires easily. Takes criticism poorly. Lifts badly. Hardcore history.    11/20/17  (10)
Macho Man Randy Savage is easily the best Jewish wrestler/rapper    11/20/17  (2)
Filling out app for big brother big sister. Said I would prefer if he's not a NI    11/20/17  (1)
My dad's slave mentality really pisses me off    11/20/17  (48)
Ran into uni crush today at Boxing Day bbq - I think I am a bad person (29tp)    11/20/17  (73)
Hey libs, isn't it true you're peepee and doodoo? HMMM, LIBS?    11/20/17  (82)
earl takes headphones off after "dont let the days go byyyyy" "....wow"    11/20/17  (4)
BAD MOON WHITE AGAIN    11/20/17  (1)
"This SC clerkship is surely gonna get the ladies", he thought slipping on lifts    11/20/17  (1)
Is "Hey Jealousy" the best rock song of the 90s?    11/20/17  (37)
Moore attorney: Ali Velshi's "background" can help him understand dating teens    11/20/17  (22)
Earls top 3 90s songs were TWO Wallflowers songs (1 from 2002) and Glycerine    11/20/17  (3)
Does To Be Fair blank bump?    11/20/17  (3)
Kenneth Pinyan - Bringing Down The Horse    11/20/17  (1)
Now heres something interesting (link)    11/20/17  (1)
29 is the dullest ofthe femposters - no distinct personality, no good content    11/20/17  (104)
Heres an interesting thread    11/20/17  (2)
*Roy Moore wheeling 2.5-ton Ten Commandments sculpture into senate office*    11/20/17  (11)
NYT: "It's Time To Stop Fetishizing Milirary Veterans" (link)    11/20/17  (2)
The best part of waking up is lmaooooo Trump    11/20/17  (1)
remember like 6 months ago when everyone here was all "OMG CRYPTO!"    11/20/17  (6)
getting brasted every night    11/20/17  (9)
Imagine a Turdskin Jakob Dylan (me describing luis to my blind abuela)    11/20/17  (1)
Roy Moore is sexy and I'm going to suck his dick    11/20/17  (9)
"It's ALL Flame." - XO King Solomon    11/20/17  (7)
When Roy Moore became a judge, did he lift the mall ban, or is it still active?    11/20/17  (3)
Were the Roy Moore accusers hot back in the day? Have there been any pics    11/20/17  (3)
earl importing band of enslaved filipinos to play shitty light rock songs all da    11/20/17  (4)
Played Europa Universalis 4 on my flight. Hot chick next to me asked what it was    11/20/17  (8)
Possum Kingdom bumrushes & beats down one headlight like Trump CNN GIF    11/20/17  (3)
EU4 event popup:"Genital Wart!" A: Let it burn (-50 ducats) B: It will clear up    11/20/17  (2)
damn daddy pauses midthrust into peterman: thanks for sub, welcome to the channe    11/20/17  (35)
Shortmo saving nuts all season so he can land a summer 4    11/20/17  (1)
ITT: Tell me about SEDONA    11/20/17  (27)
Europa Universalis IV - Expansions: Miscelaneous Nigger Shit ($9.99)    11/20/17  (2)
Collective Soul - The World I know plays as I fashion noose out of discarded CVs    11/20/17  (5)
The CR rock song from the 90's was Bush - Glycerine    11/20/17  (6)
*snowflake lands on 5'4 poaster's nose* "time to get laid"    11/20/17  (1)
Trying to sleep while withdrawing from benzos is hellish    11/20/17  (10)
luis grows pubes on his head.    11/20/17  (1)
As the cold comes expect XO tinder threads to rise    11/20/17  (2)
One gust of wind undoes an hour of Norwood 2 work    11/20/17  (2)
Is Mr. Jinx actually THE GOOD GUY in all of this?    11/20/17  (2)
Taking questions about having no friends and being a repugnant creature.    11/20/17  (3)
i dont wanna miss / remember that / i'll never forget / where you're at    11/20/17  (2)
Best 90s song is Republica - Ready to Go    11/20/17  (3)
Historically Important Poaster (HIP) taking q's on boxing, australia, and jazz    11/20/17  (4)
gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang guc    11/20/17  (11)
*noisy bar* it's grand strategy 'huh? "*music cuts out* IT'S A GRAND STRATEGY GA    11/20/17  (3)
Women's tennis champ Jana Novotna DEAD at age 49    11/20/17  (2)
Where is a good place to go in south Vietnam    11/20/17  (5)
Civ 6: Mansa Musa trying to trade gold & rubies for two story building tech    11/20/17  (1)
Should I go JOG or LIFT bros    11/20/17  (34)
*All my northside nigg* *music stops in room* "CKING HATE NIGGERS" (harrison)    11/20/17  (5)
I inbound the forcememe to ggtp, he lobs it full court for MPA alley oop    11/20/17  (2)
Slow motion highlights of Earl taking charges in pickup set to Glycerine    11/20/17  (1)
Glycerine is definitely top 5000, just behind "I wanna fuck a dog in the ass"    11/20/17  (3)
Guess this young man's IQ based on his instagram videos    11/20/17  (24)
U : playboy, donkeys, listicles. Me : Fendi, clydesdales, testicles.    11/20/17  (7)
King Solomon: most alpha Jew of all time?    11/20/17  (46)
How do secret service ppl get past airports with guns and weapons so easily?    11/20/17  (2)
Modest Mouse the world at large plays as ggtp sees another in house rejection    11/20/17  (2)
Poasters who delude themselves into thinking modernity makes them mentally ill    11/20/17  (34)
Peterman sitting front row at the LUMBERJACK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP like NBA groupie    11/20/17  (1)
House tax reform bill rapes grad students who get tuition waivers    11/20/17  (20)
Never forget: earl fell for an Alt+F4 prank    11/20/17  (75)
This too is vanity and striving after wind    11/20/17  (1)
Sender: Earl/ Subj: "You've gotta hear this song"/ Body: Glycerine youtube link    11/20/17  (7)
I scream, you scream, we all scream for FORCEMEMES    11/20/17  (7)
Trailer Trash / Dramamine / Third Planet    11/20/17  (2)
Bush's "Glycerine" voted worst alt-rock single of the 90's:    11/20/17  (6)
Randy Described Biglaw    11/20/17  (1)
*Sings truckermemes to modest mouse Dramamine *    11/20/17  (3)
The Lonesome Crowded WUSTL    11/20/17  (2)
Give it up to meeee. Give it up to meeee. DO you wanna be. MY INCEL?    11/20/17  (2)
*Sings "trucker memes" to "glycerine" *    11/20/17  (3)
Chick on ESPN Crossfit games pissed herself while doing deadlifts (vid)    11/20/17  (1)
earl what are your top 10 Cake songs Bonus if they are quirky but radio friendly    11/20/17  (2)
there's got to be somethin better than // LA MIDLAW    11/20/17  (2)
Do you think there was a IRL King Solomon or just archetype flame?    11/20/17  (10)

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